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These laminated corner beads feature a pre-finished smooth paper-faced surface and backed with Strait-Flex’s patented composite material or steel. This provides for a fast application and an incredibly strong corner. Thin-Coat is a paper-faced metal corner bead featuring a steel backing with a revolutionary new profile that is self-squaring. Other new products include OS-250, OS-300, and OS-400 that solve drywall irregularities, resist dents, and finish with a paper smoothness.

Strait-Flex trims are also supported with specially designed rollers that increase production rates and improve quality.Clean, square, low-profile installation.

  • Composite backing provides a tough, durable corner.
  • Diamond-punched 94 lb. paper edging allows for easier feathering, faster drying, and the highest bonding strength. Also guarantees an even lay down of paper, providing maximum adhesion with no rippling or blistering.
  • PUR-laminated nose ensures perfect corners without paper fuzz-up during finishing and sanding. Prefinished surface. Just skim coat to finish.
  • Cuts easily with knife or scissors. Thin-Coat requires sheet metal shears.
  • Straightens common framing irregularities.
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  1. Arch-Stick

    Designed for outside 90º arched corners. Eliminates flat spots.

    Starting at: $84.64

  2. Big-Stick

    Designed for high-traffic, outside 90º corners. Fast, clean, straight and strong installation.

    Starting at: $134.36

  3. IS-300

    Designed for inside 90º corners where speed and strength are needed, and where large framing irregularities need to be overcome.

    Starting at: $120.01

  4. OS-300

    Designed for square, low-fill outside 90º corners

    Starting at: $126.86

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4 Item(s)