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Strait-Flex’s corner beads are the most durable and cost-effective corner beads on the market. They’re designed for fast, clean installation; and are the easiest to repair. Our composite corner beads are ideal for high impact areas such as commercial and rental properties.

Strait-Flex offers multiple widths of corner beads, giving contractors and builders the choices needed to satisfy job requirements. From filling large gaps, correcting irregular framing, speed of application, strength of corners, to pricing considerations; Strait-Flex has the product that solves construction problems.

Customized lengths are available for large projects requiring corner beads at specific lengths, i.e., window and doors, saving on materials and labor costs!

  • Clean installation.
  • Resists dents and provides a beautiful corner with-out fuzz-up during finishing and sanding.
  • Second coat of compound can be applied immediately - very light skim coat to finish.
  • Cuts easily.
  • Installs square to the wall using one of Strait-Flex’s specially designed rolling tool.
  • Custom lengths upon request: Save up to 25% on labor and material. No additional costs.
  • Easiest cornerbead on the market to repair.
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  1. Big-Stick

    Designed for high-traffic, outside 90º corners. Fast, clean, straight and strong installation.

    Starting at: $134.36

  2. IS-300

    Designed for inside 90º corners where speed and strength are needed, and where large framing irregularities need to be overcome.

    Starting at: $120.01

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2 Item(s)