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  1. Arch-Stick

    Designed for outside 90º arched corners. Eliminates flat spots.

    Starting at: $84.64

  2. Big-Stick

    Designed for high-traffic, outside 90º corners. Fast, clean, straight and strong installation.

    Starting at: $134.36

  3. IS-300

    Designed for inside 90º corners where speed and strength are needed, and where large framing irregularities need to be overcome.

    Starting at: $120.01

  4. OS-300

    Designed for square, low-fill outside 90º corners

    Starting at: $126.86

  5. OS-400

    Designed for outside 90º corners where large voids and irregularities occur. Double 5/8” drywall.

    Starting at: $137.80

Set Descending Direction


5 Item(s)