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OSR-400 rolling tool


Outside Rolling Tool - 1 Piece (For Original)

Outside Rolling Tool - 1 Piece (For BSR-300)


BSR-300 Roller is specifically designed to speed application time of Strait-Flex’s Big, Big-Stick, Mid-Flex 250, Mid-Flex 300, Uno-Bead 300, Arch-Flex, Arch-Stick, and OS-300 for 90º outside corners applications. This tool makes installation extremely fast and squares up corner beads. Attaches to common extension poles.

  • Speeds application time.

  • Also for use with Strait-Flex’s Original, Medium, Uno-Bead 222, Flex-90, and Perfect-90.

  • Squares up corner beads on walls.

  • Attaches to common extension poles.


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