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Laminated Tapes

To get the job done fast and done right, you'll find our laminated tapes feature a memory-free hinge design that speeds application and provides straight corners. Available in widths of 2", 2 1/2", 3", and 4", you'll find a Strait-Flex product suited for your specific application.

  • Memory-free hinge design allows for ease of installation, straighter corners, and perfect angles.
  • Straightens most framing irregularities.
  • Diamond-punched pattern guarantees an even lay-down of the paper, providing maximum adhesion with no wrinkling or blistering.
  • Second coat of compound can be applied immediately - very light skim coat to finish.
  • PUR-laminated nose ensures perfect corners without paper fuzz-up during finishing and sanding.
  • Cuts easily with knife or scissors. No curl-up after folding product. No cracks. No callbacks
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  1. Ammo-Flex 200

    Designed for Bazooka® applications.

    Starting at: $19.11

  2. Butt-Tape

    Designed for fast, flat butt-joints.

    Starting at: $19.11

  3. Edge-Tape

    Designed to replace conventional tear-off bead and L-bead

    Starting at: $27.87

  4. Mid-Flex 250

    Designed for inside and outside corners, vaults, coffers, and angled corners.

    Starting at: $13.95

  5. Mid-Flex 300

    Designed for straightening common irregularities in vaulted ceilings and coffers.

    Starting at: $16.49

  6. Perfect-90º

    Designed for inside corners.

    Starting at: $10.32

  7. Wide-Flex 400

    Designed for hard-to-straighten vaults and outside corners.

    Starting at: $50.13

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7 Item(s)