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Professional tapers and apprentices can achieve the flattest butt-joints possible. Butt-Tape is twice as fast, two times as strong, finishes in one coat, and results in half of the work than using conventional paper or mesh tapes. Ideal for butt-joints and commercial “Top-Out” applications, Butt-Tape leaves butt-joints virtually unnoticeable. Butt-Tape requires no pre-filling, will not shrink, and does not require compound over the pre-finished laminated center. The tape’s outer edge features a diamond punch pattern for a superior bond, faster drying, with no rippling or blistering.

  • Vertical and horizontal butt-joints.

  • Commercial “Top-Out” applications.

  • Ceiling butt-joints that have failed due to movement.

  • Twice as fast as conventional tapes.  50% less compound. 50% less sanding. 50% faster drying time.

  • No pre-filling required. No delayed shrinkage. No beading. No paint blisters.

  • No compound required over laminated area of tape. Just skim coat edges. 

  • Two times stronger than paper tape.

  • Repairs of cracked butt-joints.

  • Can be applied with a Bazooka®, banjo, or by hand.