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About Us

As a carpenter and professional homebuilder for 25 years, Strait-Flex founder John S. Conboy knew the problems surrounding the drywall phase of the home building industry. He identified quality concerns regarding the taping of off-angles, inside corners, and bay windows which were so often compromised during this phase of construction. John set out to design a product that would ease installation, resolve the problems of edge cracking, and assist in maintaining strait alignments of intricate off angles.

In 1995, he obtained the patent for the development of Strait-Flex drywall tape and began manufacturing and distributing it in the St. Louis area. The product was introduced at national conventions were it was displayed and demonstrated to building professionals. The Strait-Flex product line has been well received by contractors for its high quality  finish and its ease of use and is sold by construction material suppliers globally.

Through the years, he visited many drywall professionals at jobsites around the country where they identified other construction problems and provided innovative solutions that increase production rates and improve quality. This has lead to product solutions such as X-Crack which eliminates ceiling cracks, stick cornerbeads that require no fasteners, Mud-Pro compound applicators that require no daily clean-up, and durable patches that quickly correct miss-cut and damaged drywall.

Strait-Flex’s focus is to manufacture products that solve construction problems. We encourage contractors to contact us with any comments, needs, or problems. Custom items created upon request. For more information or free samples of Strait-Flex products, give us a call at 1-888-747-0220.

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